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Marketiva Online Forex Trading

What Is Marketiva?
Marketiva is a market maker for instruments traded on the over-the-counter foreign exchange (forex) markets. Through Marketiva, you can buy or sell instruments like EUR/USD, GBP/JPY and others. Marketiva also provides services like discussion channels, latest forex news, trading signals and alerts, charting services and many more.

Marketiva provides spot forex on major currency pairs and crosses; $5 cash reward you can start trading right away; tight spreads from 3 pips; trading on 1% margin; virtual and live desks within one account; latest news, alerts on market events, signals, no market commissions; zero-interest on open positions, 24-hour support, chat channels, the most sophisticated and easy-to-use forex charting tool; ability to trade from the charts and the best forex trading software available!

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Forex Market
The Foreign Exchange market, also referred to as the "Forex" or "FX" market, is the largest financial market in the world, with a daily average turnover of approximately US$1.5 trillion. In comparison, the daily volume of the New York Stock Exchange is approximately US$30 billion per day.

Until now, professional traders from major international commercial and investment banks have dominated the FX market. Other market participants range from large multinational corporations, global money managers, registered dealers, international money brokers, and futures and options traders, to private speculators.

There are three main reasons to participate in the FX market. One is to facilitate an actual transaction, whereby international corporations convert profits made in foreign currencies into their domestic currency. Corporate treasurers and money managers also enter the FX market in order to hedge against unwanted exposure to future price movements in the currency market. The third and more popular reason is speculation for profit. In fact, today it is estimated that less than 5% of all trading on the FX market is actually facilitating a true commercial transaction.

How It Works
Foreign Exchange is the simultaneous buying of one currency and selling of another. The world's currencies are on a floating exchange rate and are always traded in pairs, for example Euro/Dollar or Dollar/Yen. In trading parlance, a long position is one in which a trader buys a currency at one price and aims to sell it later at a higher price. A short position is one in which the trader sells a currency in anticipation that it will depreciate. In every open position, an investor is long in one currency and shorts the other. FX traders express a position in terms of the first currency in the pair. For example, someone who has bought dollars and sold yen (USD/JPY) at 104.37 is considered to be long US Dollars and short Yen.

The most often traded or 'liquid' currencies are those of countries with stable governments, respected central banks, and low inflation. Today, over 85% of all daily transactions involve trading of the major currencies, including the US Dollar, Japanese Yen, Euro, British Pound, Swiss Franc, Canadian Dollar and Australian Dollar.

The FX market is considered an Over The Counter (OTC) or 'Interbank' market, due to the fact that transactions are conducted between two counterparts over the telephone or via an electronic network. Trading is not centralized on an exchange, as with the stock and futures markets. A true 24-hour market, Forex trading begins each day in Sydney, and moves around the globe as the business day begins in each financial center, first to Tokyo, London, and New York. Unlike any other financial market, investors can respond to currency fluctuations caused by economic, social and political events at the time they occur - day or night.

Factors Affecting the Market
Currency prices are affected by a variety of economic and political conditions, most importantly interest rates, inflation and political stability. Moreover, governments sometimes participate in the Forex market to influence the value of their currencies, either by flooding the market with their domestic currency in an attempt to lower the price, or conversely buying in order to raise the price. This is known as Central Bank intervention. Any of these factors, as well as large market orders, can cause high volatility in currency prices. However, the size and volume of the Forex market makes it impossible for any one entity to "drive" the market for any length of time.

Fundamental vs. Technical Analysis
Currency traders make decisions using both technical factors and economic fundamentals. Technical traders use charts, trend lines, support and resistance levels, and numerous patterns and mathematical analyses to identify trading opportunities, whereas fundamentalists predict price movements by interpreting a wide variety of economic information, including news, government-issued indicators and reports, and even rumor.

The most dramatic price movements however, occur when unexpected events happen. The event can range from a Central Bank raising domestic interest rates to the outcome of a political election or even an act of war. Nonetheless, more often it is the expectations surrounding an event that drives the market rather than the event itself.

Buying and Selling
In the forex market, currencies are always priced and traded in pairs. You simultaneously buy one currency and sell another, but you can determine which pair of currencies you wish to trade. For example, if you believe the value of the euro is going to increase vis-รก-vis the U.S. Dollar, then you would go long on EUR/USD instrument (currency pair). Obviously, the objective of forex currency trading is to exchange one currency for another in the expectation that the market rate or price will change so that the currency you bought has increased its value relative to the one you sold. If you have bought a currency and the price appreciates in value, then you must sell the currency back in order to lock in the profit. An open trade or position is one in which a trader has either bought / sold one currency pair and has not sold / bought back the equivalent amount to effectively close the position.

Market Conventions
Market conventions are rules and standards imposed by a governing body. In case of decentralized forex market these conventions might differ due to many national regulators (FSA, FSC, CFTC, NFA, BCSC, etc.). Since there is no central governing body that sets forex market rules and standards, we will reference only these that are universal.

Quoting Conventions
The first currency in the pair is referred to as the base currency, and the second currency is the counter or quote currency. The U.S Dollar is usually the base currency for quotes, and includes USD/JPY, USD/CHF, and USD/CAD. The exceptions are the Euro (EUR), Great Britain Pound (GBP), and Australian Dollar (AUD). As with all financial products, forex quotes include a "bid" and "ask", which is more often called "offer" in the forex market. The bid is the price at which a forex market maker is willing to buy (and you can sell) the base currency in exchange for the counter currency. The offer is the price at which a forex market maker will sell (and you can buy) the base currency in exchange for the counter currency. The difference between the bid and the offer price is referred to as the spread.
Belajar Forex Trading (Valas Trading) di Marketiva

FOREX TRADING (valas trading) merupakan pasar terbesar di dunia diukur berdasarkan nilai total transaksi. Menurut survei BIS (Bank International for Settlement – bank sentralnya bank-bank sentral seluruh dunia), yang dilakukan pada akhir tahun 2004, nilai transaksi forex mencapai USD 1,900miliar per hari. Dengan demikian, prospek investasi di perdagangan forex adalah sangat bagus.

Pasar valas/forex berjalan selama 24 jam, berputar mulai dari pasar New Zaeland & Australia yang berlangsung pukul 05.00–14.00 WIB, terus ke pasar Asia yaitu Jepang & Singapura yang berlangsung pukul 07.00–16.00 WIB, ke pasar Eropa yaitu Jerman & Inggris yang berlangsung pukul 13.00–22.00, sampai ke pasar Amerika yang berlangsung pukul 20.30–10.30. Dalam perkembangan sejarahnya, bank sentral milik negara-negara dengan cadangan mata uang asing yang besar sekalipun dapat dikalahkan oleh kekuatan pasar forex/valas yang bebas.

Forex trading (valas trading) saat ini sudah sangat mudah untuk dilakukan oleh siapapun dan dari manapun. Dengan modal komputer yang tersambung ke internet, kita sudah bisa melakukan forex trading (valas trading) baik dari rumah, kantor, warnet, dan darimana saja yang penting ada fasilitas sambungan internet. Dengan mendaftar di Marketiva, Anda tidak perlu lagi memikirkan modal untuk melakukan forex trading (valas trading), begitu daftar langsung bisa trading karena Anda mendapatkan cash reward $5 real money untuk live trading dan $10,000 virtual money untuk simulasi dengan kondisi pasar yang sesungguhnya. Belajar forex trading (valas trading) dengan metoda belajar sambil praktek akan membuat Anda lebih cepat memahami segala hal tentang forex trading (valas trading).

Transaksi real maupun belajar Forex Trading (valas trading) di Marketiva adalah pilihan terbaik bagi para calon trader dalam mengembangkan ilmu, maupun bagi trader profesional dalam bertransaksi forex trading (valas trading).

Marketiva provides spot forex on major currency pairs and crosses; $5 cash reward you can start trading right away; tight spreads from 3 pips; trading on 1% margin; virtual and live desks within one account; latest news, alerts on market events, signals, no market commissions; zero-interest on open positions, 24-hour support, chat channels, the most sophisticated and easy-to-use forex charting tool; ability to trade from the charts and the best forex trading software available!

Untuk bisa memulai transaksi sekaligus belajar forex trading (valas trading) di Marketiva, ikutilah langkah-langkah berikut secara berurutan.

Untuk mendaftar, silakan buka website Marketiva, setelah terbuka, klik Open Account, isilah data diri Anda secara lengkap. Untuk field dengan tanda * (bintang) harus Anda isi, yang lain boleh Anda kosongkan.

  • Username: pilihlah username yang indah, karena akan Anda gunakan untuk chatting dengan sesama trader, misalnya: cinta, cantik, handsome, dsb.
  • Password: minimal 8 karakter gabungan huruf dan angka.
  • First Name: isi nama depan Anda
  • Last Name: isi nama belakang Anda, jika nama Anda hanya terdiri dari satu suku kata, masukkan nama Anda tersebut di field First Name dan Last Name. Contoh: jika nama Anda adalah Fitri, maka masukkan First Name: Fitri, Last Name: Fitri.
  • Untuk data alamat isikan sesuai dengan KTP Anda.
  • E-mail: diisi alamat e-mail Anda yang masih aktif.
PERHATIAN: Seluruh data diri yang Anda isikan harus sama dengan KTP, karena akan dilakukan proses verifikasi untuk bisa melakukan transaksi forex trading (trading valas).

Setelah selesai mengisi, klik tombol Continue>

  • User Template: pilih Standar Forex Trader
  • Coupon: boleh dikosongkan
  • Recovery Question: pilih yang paling cocok dengan Anda, misalnya Anda memiliki kucing dengan nama manis, maka pilih: What is your pet's name?
  • Recovery Answer: dalam contoh ini maka jawaban anda adalah: manis
Setelah selesai mengisi, klik tombol next>

  • Berilah tanda chek pada pilihan: I have read, understood, and agree with the Service Agreement under which Marketiva Corporation provides it services and products. I have also read and understood the Risk Disclosure statement and I am willing and able to assume such risks.
Setelah itu klik tombol [finish]. Maka proses pendaftaran Anda sudah selesai.

Setelah Anda mendaftar, maka Anda perlu mengupload data diri Anda untuk diverifikasi, Anda hanya diizinkan membuka satu account. Anda tidak bisa melakukan penarikan dana sebelum melakukan identifikasi, dan ada kemungkinan account Anda di-suspend (dibekukan) jika Anda menggunakan komputer dengan IP address yang sama dengan trader lain. Untuk itu segeralah melakukan verifikasi identitas diri, berikut data yang diperlukan:

  • Image ID: Scan KTP/SIM/KTM atau kartu identitas lain yang ada foto dan nama Anda tertera di kartu identitas tersebut.
  • Image Adress: Scan data tagihan yang alamatnya sama dengan KTP/SIM/KTM Anda, misal tagihan listrik, tagihan telepon, rekening bank dll, data di tagihan ini digunakan untuk konfirmasi alamat.
  • Scan data harus berwarna dan masing-masing file ukurannya maksimal 100kb, jadi sewaktu scan, resolusi di set ke 72-100 dpi saja.
  • Bila Anda tidak mempunya data tagihan yang ada nama dan alamat Anda disitu, maka anda boleh mengupload scan ktp saja, scan bagian depan KTP sebagai ID image, bagian belakang sebagai Address image.
  • Upload scan data tersebut di sini
Setelah mengupload data, melaporlah ke live support yang ada di situs Marketiva. Beberapa saat kemudin Anda akan diberitahu bahwa data diri Anda telah selesai diverifikasi.

Proses deposit dan withdrawl termudah adalah dengan e-gold, silakan Anda baca secara lengkap tata cara membuka e-gold, klik disini. PASTIKAN: Nama lengkap Anda di account e-gold harus sama dengan nama lengkap di Marketiva, jika tidak sama maka Anda akan mengalami kesulitan dalam proses deposit dan withdrawl.

Untuk memulai transaksi forex trading (valas trading) di Marketiva, Anda memerlukan software Streamster, silakan Download dengan cara menekan tombol get streamster di bagian kanan atas website Marketiva dan install di komputer Anda, kemudian jalankan program Marketiva, Login dengan username dan password yang baru saja Anda buat. Setelah selesai Anda download, double klik file hasil download Anda tersebut untuk menginstallnya di komputer Anda, ikuti langkah-langkah yang diminta.

Setelah Anda login masuklah ke room chat international dan indonesia, caranya klik tombol groups di bagian atas jendela streamster, tunggu sebentar sampai ditampilkan daftar room yang ada, pilih international dan indonesia, klik OK, maka otomatis Anda masuk room international dan indonesia. Untuk mulai bertransaksi, bertanyalah kepada support personel dari Marketiva menggunakan bahasa indonesia, boleh di room international maupun di room indonesia. Support personel adalah orang dengan nick yang ada huruf ' i ' (information) di depan nicknya, mereka akan dengan senang hati membantu Anda memahami cara-cara bertransaksi di Marketiva.

Bila Anda ingin mencairkan e-gold ke dalam bentuk mata uang Rupiah, yang perlu Anda lakukan adalah menjual kembali e-gold Anda ke merchant e-gold di Indonesia contohnya indochanger. Dalam transaksi tersebut Anda akan mentransfer e-gold ke rekening merchant dan Anda akan menerima uang dalam bentuk Rupiah (biasanya melalui ATM atau transfer bank, disarankan Bank Central Asia). Untuk mengisi e-gold, yang Anda lakukan adalah langkah sebaliknya, Anda setorkan Rupiah ke merchant, dan merchant akan mengisi account e-gold Anda. Silakan buka account e-gold exchange Anda di indochanger.

Demikian uraian singkat Step by Step Forex Trading (Valas Trading) di Marketiva. Selamat mencoba, Good Luck.

Jabat Erat

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